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Ciclismo in Italia 2012

"Era la bici, che dato senso alla mia vita." (Mario Cipollini, corsa ciclista italiano)

"Es war das Fahrrad, das meinem Leben einen Sinn gab" (Mario Cipollini, italienischer Radrennfahrer)

"It was the bicycle which gave a meaning to my life" (Mario Cipollini, Italian racing cyclist)

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Manfred Tinebor

Fratta Terme

Manfred sudori!

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  • Carolynd411 (Private)
    12 years 4 months ago
    All of you got quite sunburned during your biking journey this day. I hope it looks worse than it is; or some of you were going to be in a great deal of discomfort. Ever since my late teens, if I'm in the sun more than 30 minutes, I usually end up in the hospital's emergency room. I've even gotten blistered sitting in the shade with a tea shirt on for 30 minutes. Once again, I ended up in the emergency room; and in bed for a week. I also got a heat stroke from that experience. It doesn't make any difference how much suntan lotion, etc., I apply, I still end up being in agony for several days. I have to dress like a lil ole grey-haired lady that I am--bonnet, long-sleeve dress that goes to my ankles, etc. I definitely look like a comic valentine--but I don't get blistered any more. Please take gentle care of yourself, my dearest Manfred!
    Luv ya bunches!
    Sweet Caroline
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      12 years 4 months ago
      Movement in the sunshine is joy of life for me. If I could not be in the sun,
      this would be a significant loss of my quality of life. My skin gets brown fast
      and then is relatively insensible against sunburn.
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