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Die Partnachklamm ist eine 700 Meter lange und vom Wildbach Partnach teilweise über 80 Meter tief eingeschnittene enge Schlucht nahe Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Die Partnachklamm wurde zum Naturdenkmal erklärt.
Leider mussten die Fahrräder vor der Schlucht warten :o) ...die Schlucht konnte nur zu Fuß durchstiegen werden.

The Partnach Gorge (German: Partnachklamm) is a 700 metres long, narrow canyon that has been incised over 80 metres deep by a mountain stream, the Partnach, near the Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It was designated as natural monument.
Unfortunately, the bicycles had to wait outside :o) ...the canyon could be climbed only on foot.

  • Marbess Premium user Russia (Private)
    12 years 9 months ago
    That s our, but there are no any snow yet!!!
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      12 years 9 months ago
      The snow lies now only in a height of more than 2000 m.
      My photos of the higher places you can find in my album "Alpentour":
      There is a lot of snow  :-)
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      12 years 9 months ago
      Hi, dear Marbess!  Thanks for your interest.
      The Wankbahn on the photo leads only on a height of approx. 1800 m. In this season the snowy border lies with approx. 2000 m.
      Thus the Wankbahn is used in this season only by mountaineers, but not from skiers  :-)
      ...and Mountainbikers don't need a cable car :o)))
  • Mankovskay (Private)
    12 years 9 months ago
    Amazing capture, Manfred! Wish you a great weekends!Cheers, Lara.
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