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Brevet 600 km Merselo - 2014

Lange afstand fietsen
• Startort/location: Merselo, Limburg | • Startzeit/date: 8:00, 28.06.2014

Brevet Merselo ist ein Radmarathon über eine Streckenlänge von 600 km, der von Euraudax Randonnée Nederland veranstaltet wird. Organisator ist Jan van Osch. Der größte Teil der Route führt über autofreie Fahrradstraßen.

Brevet Merselo is a cycling marathon with a route length of 600 km, which is hosted by Euraudax Randonnée Nederland. Organizer is Jan van Osch. Most of the route runs over car-free bicycle roads.

  • 10 years 1 month ago
    Great weather for your cycling tour. Enjoy!
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      10 years 1 month ago
      Hi, Gypsy!
      I'm glad very much, to get a sign of life of you!
      Saturday was best weather for cycling. Yesterday it was wet and windy. Yesterday in the afternoon I finished successful.
      The Netherland is a great country for cycling! Most parts of the marathon were on car free cycling tracks. It was a great fun! :-)
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