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Wednesday, 1 January, 2014

Registered participants   

First the number of participants was limited to 40. But already at the first possible registration day, this great event was totally booked up.
So at the second day the limit was extended on 45 and again booked up at once. :-)
Splendidly - two Japanese ladies own the courage to take part in this long-distance tour over the Alps!
Nr.	Last Name	First Name	Country		Gender	
1400	IDE		Maya		Japan		F	
1402	KÖNIG		Axel		Germany		M	
1403	MIESEN		Ivo		Netherlands	M	
1405	JORDHEIM	Odd		Norway		M	
1406	DUREN VAN	Jan		Netherlands	M	
1407	VERSTEGEN	Jos		Netherlands	M	
1408	SIMONS		Frank		Netherlands	M	
1409	ZIMMERMANN	Ulrich		Germany		M	
1410	TINEBOR		Manfred		Germany		M	
1411	ZINNER		Peter		Germany		M	
1412	NEUMANN		Alexander	Germany		M	
1413	THOMAS		Mark		USA		M	
1414	IMAIZUMI	Hiroshi		Japan		M	
1415	WIENINGER	Michael		Germany		M	
1416	DÄNHARDT	Roy		Germany		M	
1417	OBATA		Akiko		Japan		F	
1418	WOLF		Gerhard		Germany		M	
1419	KAMPHUIS	Henk		Netherlands	M	
1420	LEEUWEN VAN	Cor		Netherlands	M	
1421	BRINK		Wim		Netherlands	M	
1422	HOUBEN		Rudolf		Germany		M	
1423	SCHIPPER	Ben		Netherlands	M	
1424	WADEPFUHL	Mario		Germany		M	
1425	MIERLO VAN	Tom		Netherlands	M	
1426	LAMMERTS	Robert		Netherlands	M	
1427	TUINHOF		Harrie		Netherlands	M	
1429	HEINRICH	Jo		Netherlands	M	
1430	LEIBIG		Jürgen		Germany		M	
1431	SÖZÜER		Lars		Germany		M	
1432	WÖHLER		Peter		Germany		M	
1433	KNIGHT		Terry		UK		M	
1434	BEEK VAN	Joop		Netherlands	M	
1436	PARKINSON	Alan		UK		M	
1437	MÖHL		Christian	Germany		M	
1438	ROESCHIES	Andreas		Germany		M	
1439	MAURO		Zanca		Italy		M	
1440	LINKE		Tobit		Germany		M	
1441	RIGTER		Bart		Germany		M	
1442	FERRARA		Paolo		Germany		M	.
1443	JUNG		Ferdinand	Austria		M	
1444	OERTEL		Dan		Germany		M	
1446	ROBINSON	Ray		UK		M	
1447	GREENWOOD	Tony		UK		M	
1449	INAGAKI		Mitsuaki	Japan		M	
1450	BERTOSSI	Giovanni	Italy		M	

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