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Mikael Kjellman


Swede Mikael Kjellman likes outdoor adventure sports and work as a design engineer. But in Sweden, the weather is not always very bicycle-friendly. So he designed and built a four-wheeled bike with full fabric body to keep dry and warm in all-weathers.

PodRide is a velomobile that is meant to be a practical every day vehicle.
It has approximately the same sitting position and seat height as a small car, allowing easy access and good visibility in traffic.
It has four wheels to be narrow enough for bicycle paths but still be stable in the curves.

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Uploaded: January 14, 2017
  • Marbess Premium user Russia (Private)
    6 years 11 months ago
    Восторг! На таком и я бы прокатилась (даже без шлема!)

    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      6 years 11 months ago
      ... и затем Вы будете ездить на PodRide на Крестовский остров  :o)
      ... на велосипедной дорожке нового моста. :-))
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