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Schloss Bevern

• Das Schloss Bevern wurde durch Statius von Münchhausen von 1603 bis 1612 als Wasserschloss mit vier Flügeln und einem Schlossgarten errichtet. Heute wird das Schloss als Restaurant und für Ausstellungen genutzt.

• The castle Bevern was established by Statius of Münchhausen from 1603 to 1612 as a moated castle with four wings and a castle garden. Today the castle is used as a restaurant and for exhibits.

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Manfred Tinebor



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  • Okinew (Private)
    13 years 9 months ago
    Why? I understand a little. Probably, your explanations are required. Oh, I torment you questions!
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      13 years 9 months ago
      Dear Olga, I am glad about your interest!
      A (Maibaum) maypole is a tall wooden pole erected as a part of various European folk festivals, particularly on May Day. Although in some countries it is instead erected at Midsummer. In some cases, like here in Bevern, the maypole is a permanent feature that is only utilised during the festival. Although in other cases it is erected specifically for the purpose before being taken down again.
      Maypole dancing is a form of traditional folk dance from western Europe, especially England, Sweden, Galicia, Portugal and Germany :-))
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