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VOL2008 - Finish

Der Zielort Sortavala liegt in Karelien an der Nordspitze des Ladogasees, nahe der finnischen Grenze.
Der Bericht befindet sich hier: https://manfred-tinebor.fotki.com/journals/vol2008/
Die Finisher-Liste ist hier zu finden: https://manfred-tinebor.fotki.com/journals/vol2008/entry/fwwqddrwkbf/

The destination is Sortavala in Karelia on the northern tip of Lake Ladoga, near the Finnish border.
The report can be found here: https://manfred-tinebor.fotki.com/journals/vol2008/
Finisher list can be found here: https://manfred-tinebor.fotki.com/journals/vol2008/entry/fwwqddrwkbf/

  • Okinew (Private)
    14 years 9 months ago
    The medal
    This is Manfred?
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      14 years 9 months ago
      Oh, dear!
      The same I asked myself too, when I saw the photo the first time!
      Должен ли я избивать фотографа???
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    15 years 6 months ago
    Boote im Ladogasee bei Sortavala
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