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Ciclismo in Italia 2012

"Era la bici, che dato senso alla mia vita." (Mario Cipollini, corsa ciclista italiano)

"Es war das Fahrrad, das meinem Leben einen Sinn gab" (Mario Cipollini, italienischer Radrennfahrer)

"It was the bicycle which gave a meaning to my life" (Mario Cipollini, Italian racing cyclist)

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Manfred Tinebor


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Uploaded: April 12, 2012
  • Carolynd411 (Private)
    12 years 4 months ago
    I'm dreaming out loudly right now--as well as wishing. LOL! How grand it would be to have a large log cabin built close to one of the orchards. It's taken years of planning, layout, and design of all this magnificent farmland. There seems to be a proper place and purpose for every detail on these farms. The owners/farmers can be so very proud of their properties, as well as their years of accomplishments with their shares of this land. Your capture of this property, dearest Manfred, is outstanding. This would be so beautiful enlarged, framed, and hung above a fireplace. Photos of farms don't get any better than this! Right now, I'd love to run and roll in this gorgeous green velvet grass or rye--or whatever. It reminds me of my youthful days when my sister, brother, and I would spend hours running and rolling in the grass. There were no T-V's, video games, etc., in those "good, ole days".  
    Luv ya bunches!  
    Sweet Caroline
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