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Ciclismo in Italia 2012

"Era la bici, che dato senso alla mia vita." (Mario Cipollini, corsa ciclista italiano)

"Es war das Fahrrad, das meinem Leben einen Sinn gab" (Mario Cipollini, italienischer Radrennfahrer)

"It was the bicycle which gave a meaning to my life" (Mario Cipollini, Italian racing cyclist)

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Manfred Tinebor

La Rocca di Brisighella

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Taken: March 24, 2012
Uploaded: April 04, 2012
Captured with:
Olympus uT8000,ST8000

  • Carolynd411 (Private)
    12 years 4 months ago
    Your fortress, "Manfrediana" is breathtaking! I'm always fascinated by the castles and/or mansions built on the very top of a mountain. The owner obviously wanted lots of privacy while, at the same time, keeping an eye on all the activity in the valley. I'm surprised some millionaire hasn't yet purchased this gorgeous mansion and returned it to its former glory. I hope such a transaction takes place in the not too distant future. I enjoy watching the Homes & Gardens TV network because several times a week, they show the castles/mansions  dating back to the 1200's.  Many have been purchased by Americans who have spent time and money renovating these magnificent mansions of yesteryear. The town's people also enjoy having some of the old-world charm returned to their area. I'm grateful for the individuals who can look at these derelict dwellings and see the potential for restoring it to its former beauty--along with today's modern conveniences.
    Luv ya bunches!
    Sweet Caroline
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