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...rumkullern - 2010

... rollin' around - 2010

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Manfred Tinebor

Дед Мороз - Großväterchen Frost :-)

Bei -16°C zu Hause angekommen.

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Uploaded: January 27, 2010
  • Carolynd411 (Private)
    13 years 11 months ago
    Absolutely adore it! You look like Dr. Zhivargo (sp.). You also remind me of another Fotki photographer--Stein Sjolie. I think I've seen where he has visited you several times in recent months. I was going to ask--in an earlier picture--whether or not you have windshield wipers on your glasses and/or helmet when you're riding your bike to and from home each day. Otherwise you're traveling the highways and streets partially blind. Until last year--when I had cataract surgery on both eyes--I was constantly having to clean my glasses so I could see how to remove the snow from my auto and/or my driveway. It would be so frustrating at times; and if my glasses weren't snowed over, then the perspiration was burning my eyes to the point I couldn't see anything. Thank goodness, the cataract surgery was successful; and I no longer have to wear glasses--except when reading fine print. What a joy to have to no longer wear glasses--after 45 years of constant wear.
    Luv ya!
    Sweet Caroline
  • Okinew (Private)
    14 years 6 months ago
    Hold on, Manfred, soon summer!
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      14 years 6 months ago
      Dear Olga, there is a German saying:
      "Unkraut vergeht nicht" = "Сорная трава не погибает" :-)
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