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Sometimes Manfred would like to rest on a couch and lay his legs high.
Therefore, Santa Claus had brought a parcel from the Dutch carbon ligfietsen producer M5. In the parcel was a frame rack, with which Manfred built a couch :-)
In the meantime Manfred pedaled some thousands kilometres recumbently. His experiences in riding the couch you find here: https://manfred-tinebor.fotki.com/journals/couch-surfing/
To get a little impression of riding the couch speedy, please watch the video recorded on a country road in Lower Saxony between Polle and Bad Pyrmont: https://manfred-tinebor.fotki.com/journals/manfreds-videos/entry/wqtfrbtwwtqqq/

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Manfred Tinebor

Ooops, traffic speed limit is 50km/h!

More than 50km/h with 125 heartbeats per minute - this is not possible with a standard road bike!

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Uploaded: April 07, 2010
  • Okinew (Private)
    14 years 4 months ago
    Hi Manfred!
    "Ooops!" - sounds very optimistic. :-)
    Results are convincing.
    What are difficulties were in taming this couch? Is it possible to turn your head for rear vision? How can feel the backbone on a bad road (for example on the well-known roads of Russia)?
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      14 years 4 months ago
      Dear Olga, I am pleased about your interest! The greatest difficulty with the couch is finding the balance at low speed. The bad stability was apparently caused by bad weight distribution. It was too much weight on the front wheel. So I have rebuilt the couch again something. I have mounted the seat more to back and shortened the bracket beam accordingly. Now the couch at low speed is a little more stable :-)
      The mirrors are required. I cannot turn the head so much to look back. Yesterday I cycled the first 200km-brevet recumbently. I was happy with the couch. It is really very comfortable :-)
      The feel of the couch on Russia's roads, I can report to you in a few weeks.
      • Okinew (Private)
        14 years 4 months ago
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