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Zielsetzung des letzten Radl-Projektes war ein leichtes Highracer-Liegerad für bergige Strecken.
Der Rahmen hat die Form eines Besenstiels. Verglichen mit gebogenen Rahmen, vereint der gerade Stock-Rahmen besser Steifigkeit mit geringem Gewicht.
Der Rahmen wurde von der ungarischen Firma Szatuna in der Nähe des Plattensees produziert.
Leider ertrug der Rahmen Manfreds schweren Körper nicht dauerhaft. Nach nicht einmal einem Jahr brach der Rahmen beim Befahren eines Kopfstein gepflasterten Weges durch. :-(

Target of the last bicycle-project was a light high-racer recumbent bike for hilly tours.
The frame has the form of a stick. Compared to curved frames, the stick frame combines better the features of high stiffness with low weight.
The stick was produced by Szatuna near the Hungarian lake Balaton.
Unfortunately, the Balaton-Couch did not long-lasting suffer Manfred's heavy body. After not even one year, during riding on a cobblestone route, the frame broke. :-(

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Manfred Tinebor

Death of Balaton-Couch

On 300 km marathon "Grachtentour", during riding a cobblestone route in Overijssel/NL, the frame broke. :-(

On the cobblestones the frame buzzed and vibrated like a vibrator. Suddenly the vibrator was switched off and the seat shell sagged a little piece more deeply. After the Balaton couch rolled to standstill, the frame break was ascertained. Both frame parts were still held together by the damaged seat shell.
The frame has internal cables. The break goes exactly through the outlet of the rear wheel brake cable. In all probability the Szatuna frame has died by vibration cracking.

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