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Friday, 27 July, 2012

The theft of Manfred's couch - A newspaper article   

The theft of Manfred's couch - A newspaper article

Правда Севера - The truth of the north

From the German participant of the bicycle marathon 'Arkhangelsk - Dzhubga', Manfred Tinebor, the bike was stolen near Yaroslavl.

Tuesday, July 24th, we published a report about the start of the bike tour "fortieth meridian." On the front page we showed a picture of the German participant Manfred Tinebor on his unusual "recumbent" bicycle. Manfred drove it to Yaroslavl...

The whole third marathon night he pedaled and he decided to sleep in the early morning at a lake. Bike and stuff he put in the tall grass. When the alarm clock Manfred awoke, - there were his things no more! - there were not even his shoes!

The cyclist went to the police, and there he was barefoot and hungry the whole day: Yaroslavl - there was no interpreter to help the victim to explain. But in the brotherhood of All-Russian bikers there are people who rescued Manfred from the office, arranged a hotel, bought with him new shoes...
"I lost my things, but I found new friends" - Tinebor wrote on his Facebook page.

German peppy, but the mood is not very good. According to Manfred, Marathon 'Arkhangelsk - Dzhubga' was his beautiful dream! Now it remains unrealizable. After inspection of the Yaroslavl attractions the bike racer will go back to Germany.
The stolen bike - very noticeable! It is impossible that a drawing does not get attention. Therefore, Manfred's Russian friends hope to find it.

Photos of the recumbent bike are distributed on all social networks.

- What a great country - Russia! - What good and hospitable people! - Manfred Tinebor admired before the start...

Marina Ledyayeva.

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