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Collection of post stamps with bicycle motifs

  • Елена Premium user Russia (Private)
    9 years ago
    48. Giro d'Italia
    ... а Сан Марино это ведь не Италия :)
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      9 years ago
      Of course, you are right!  :-) 

      Giro d'Italia is an annual bicycle race primarily held 1909 in Italy. 
      1965 was the first foreign start of Giro d'Italia in San Marino. 
      Other foreign starts of Giro d'Italia followed: 
      1966   Monaco, Monte Carlo
      1973   Belgium, Verviers
      1974   Vatican, Vatican City
      1996   Greece, Athens
      1998   France, Nice
      2002   Netherlands, Groningen
      2006   Belgium, Seraing
      2010   Netherlands, Amsterdam
      2012   Denmark, Herning
      2014   Northern Ireland, Belfast
      and next year: 
      2016   Netherlands, Apeldoorn 

      Never a German cyclist won this bicycle race! 
      But already 3 Russian riders won the Giro:
      1994   Евгений Берзин
      1996   Павел Тонков 
      2009   Денис Меньшов 
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