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VIDEO: Stunden-Weltrekord des 105-jährigen

Am 4.Januar 2017 radelte Super-Senior Robert Marchand mit seinem Rennrad einen Stunden-Weltrekord der über 105-jährigen Radfahrer! Der Franzose brach seinen eigenen Rekord, den er als 100-jähriger durch die Länge der Distanz, die radelnd in einer Stunde zurückgelegt wird, aufgestellt hatte.
Anerkennung und Gratulation!!

On the 4th January, 2017, SUPER senior citizen Robert Marchand has set a new world record in cycling at 105 YEARS OLD.
The Frenchman broke the record set by himself five years ago for a person aged over 100 pedalling the furthest distance in an hour.
Recognition and congratulations!!

Robert Marchand is a 105-year-old cyclist from France.
He grew up during the World War I in his native country and was a firefighter in Paris during the 1930s.
Marchand has cycled all his life and at age 35 finished seventh in the Grand Prix des Nations in 1946.
After World War II, Marchand moved to Venezuela and then Canada, where he worked as a lumberjack.
He took up cycling once more in 1978 and has continued into his old age.
Marchand is famed for being the first 105-year-old man to cycle a landmark distance during the Hour Record.
Marchand set the record for a man of that age to ride 22.547 kilometres (just over 14 miles) in one hour, in January 2017.
Just three years earlier, Marchand cycled 26.927 kilometres (nearly 17 miles) in an hour at the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines velodrome outside Paris to set a world record for a man over 100 years old.
Speaking before his attempt, he said: "I’m not here to break any record.
I’m doing it to prove, that at 105 years old, you can still ride a bike."


Uploaded: January 05, 2017
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