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Eurobike 2018: Chainless DRIVEN

DRIVEN, the new drivetrain concept from CeramicSpeed, won this year 2018 the prestigious Eurobike Award.

Essentially, the company created a pinion-style driveshaft system that replaces the traditional chain and derailleur model. And 21 CeramicSpeed bearings transfer torque from the front ring through the driveshaft and onto the flat, 13-speed rear "plate".

This method for shifting might look strange, but CeramicSpeed claims it creates 49 percent less friction compared to the market-leading chain and derailleur drivetrain. Additionally, its nearly two-dimensional profile could significantly reduce drag, making it a more aerodynamic system while also dropping it to a lower weight — all thanks to a carbon driveshaft instead of a metal chain.

By VIDEO Jason Smith from CeramicSpeed explains the new innovative bicycle gear system.
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